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DNA Fitness began with Adam and Danielle Robbins' visions to create a community that supports and developed people towards pursuing their greatness!


 We believe that through education, inspiring and empowering each person that walks through our doors it will lead them to take unstoppable action in pursuing their heath and fitness goals which leads to fullness of life!


We pride ourselves in serving you and your needs.  Our coaches have the experience needed to take your goals and make them a reality. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never set foot in a gym, DNA Fitness will help you achieve the fitness level you desire. We believe you were created for


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Adam Robbins

Owner & Head Coach

Adam has a passion to help people change their lives and achieve their desired fitness levels.  He will go the distance, walking side-by-side with any client seeking to achieve real life change.  Adam's mission is to help his clients achieve their goals inside - and outside -the gym doors.  His hope is to inspire a client enough in just one hour each day to impact the client's choices during the remaining 23 hours of the day.  DNA Fitness is more than a gym, we're a family!


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Certified

USAW Coach

Gymnastic Certified  

Kettle Bell Certified

Powerlifting Certified

Deadlift: 385lbs / Snatch: 185lbs


"What people can do is very different from what they will do."

-Adam Robbins

Danielle Robbins

Owner & Coach

Danielle began her fitness journey in 2012.  Fire and passion were instantly ignited.  She made amazing connections and built wonderful relationships and realized she was born to coach.  She is currently enrolled in school to continue her education in Physical Therapy in order to better support her clients.  She believes a great team of people that support one another can help anyone turn goals and dreams into reality.

Bachelor's of Physical Education Sport and Fitness Track

Certified Strength Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Deadlift: 235lbs / Snatch: 100lbs


"It starts with a healthy mind and body which happens in our gym."

-Danielle Robbins

Summer Liegh


Summer started her fitness journey in the pursuit to live a healthy lifestyle. In the process of doing so she found DNA and has made it her second home ever since. As she began to make changes and see changes she realized her passion for fitness and helping others alone the way and has made a great impact on many others lives. 

CrossFit Level 1 Certified


Gabrielle Hernandez

Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition Registered Dietitian Florida Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist

Although she recently started her physical fitness journey, Gaby’s dedication towards health and wellness, particularly through food, is deep rooted. Feeling unfulfilled with her original career choice, she went back to school to start a more rewarding career in nutrition and dietetics. She has worked as a clinical dietitian in several settings including acute care and long term care. Having experienced the countless benefits of diet AND exercise, she wants to help others experience the same results and become the best version of themselves they can be.

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Our team of professional coaches are certified and committed to creating a fun, safe, and educational environment where you will feel comfortable, regardless of how much experience you have.