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Our Training Philosophy

Before we get into the "what" of our services, let's discuss the "why". We are a functional fitness facility. At the most basic level, functional fitness refers to exercises that improve daily activity. We focus on training for life, not events. We believe that focusing on improving performance is a much better goal than focusing on physical appearance. Weight loss, strength gain, etc. will be a by-product of improved performance.

You bend down to lift a heavy bag from the floor, and you feel your back go out. Everyday movements, done incorrectly, can be the culprit of a lot of pain, which is why incorporating functional fitness training is so important. Functional fitness focuses on exercises that mimic everyday life movement patterns. You squat and lift to pick up your child, you reach up to place a heavy box on the top shelf of the garage, you rotate to grab a bag from the backseat of your car, etc. 


Functional exercises condition your body to move more efficiently through real-life activities and help prevent injury.

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Our Services

group classes

Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of weightlifting, gymnastics, and high intensity cardio. There isn’t a strength and conditioning program anywhere that works with a greater diversity of tools, modalities, and drills. The community aspect of our group classes is a huge catalyst for continuing to push hard when you feel like giving up.



  • 3 week meal plan with recipes and grocery list 

  • Nutritional consultation

  • Metabolic Evaluation


Nothing gets you to your goals faster than personal training. Our experienced coaches will meet with you 1-on-1 to create optimal workouts that will drive your success. We offer personal training in 30-minute slots and

1-hour slots. 





  • Nutritional coaching with a drawn out plan 

  • Metabolic Evaluation

  • Weekly weigh in’s

  • one on one 1 hr. sessions

  • Workout Plan for off days 

  • Access to coach through email, Text or other apps at all times

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foundations class

Designed to equip anyone with the tools they’ll need to be successful within the DNA Fitness community. This one hour program will physically and mentally orient individuals in order for them to be successful in their new fitness endeavor. Attendees will learn how to properly perform the principal functional movements used within DNA Fitness in order to maximize efficiency and minimize injury. In other words, this class will prepare the individual to get the best workout possible in a safe and effective manner. The individual will  be able to Identify (and begin to rectify) any deficiencies in strength or mobility that could prohibit them from properly performing the movements. Upon completion, the individual will have a great foundation and tools needed to continue into their fitness goals with great success.


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nutritional coaching

80% of how you look and feel is due to proper nutrition. We know this is the area that people need help with the most. We are here to help with our 1 on 1 nutritional coaching.


You get: 


  • Your personalized macros, weighed once per month, tips to help you succeed, and encouragement from our highly trained coaches

  • An accountability call twice per month for 20 minutes with your coach

  • Daily access via messenger app to ask questions, get feedback, and encouragement 

  • Your coach will be in tune with your personal goals, stats, and pertinent information that will help you reach your goal

  • Your coach will hold you accountable to make one to two significant changes in your diet and habits at a time

  • $85 for members / $125 non members 

Taylor's results are a combination of DNA Fitness workouts and nutritional coaching

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Scalable Movements

Every movement can be customized based on fitness level

Group Class Schedule

*7AM class offered only during summer

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