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Dear DNA Fam,


Wow do I miss you all! I know I dropped in a few weeks ago to tell you how much I’ve come to realize the uniqueness of DNA and to embrace it... but I wanted to share with you my (now deepened) experience with trying to find a new gym in Orlando and hopefully encourage you all to REALLY embrace the opportunity you have. 


The first Crossfit gym I checked out looked like it had all the whistles and bells. It was huge, with a ton of members, and a great intro deal (99$ for the first six weeks). After two weeks in, I realized I had wasted my money (thanks DNA- this is your fault for spoiling me!) haha. Anyway- this gym had so many members and none of them really extended a welcome to the “new kid in town” nor did the coaches encourage welcoming. I didn’t get much of a tour and was wandering around lost looking for equipment. During a WOD (workout of the day) they had us do an 800 m run... and no one even told me where that was and I ended up getting lost! 😂 The coaching was merely instructional. I didn’t feel there was any intentional teaching, personalized tips for betterment, nor watching for incorrect form. Warm up?? Sometimes they didn’t even have us warm up. I’m. Not. Kidding. The programming was sporadic and not intentionally planned. I asked one of the members if Saturday WODs we’re normally not posted in advance, and their reply was “Nahh, he kinda makes it up as he goes.” Dani and Adam plan out the week's workout a week in advance particularly to make sure you work on the correct muscle groups in proper sequence to avoid overworking muscle groups, enhance mobility, and provide optimal strength building. No one ever pushed you to strive for more at this other gym. One day I went in and they instructed us that “the Rx is ##, but you can do whatever you want.” How many of you, if you heard that would probably stay in your comfort zone?? And we know staying there does not lead to improvement. It sustains mediocracy. 


So I found another gym, and I’m happy to report, my experience has been SO much better. It’s the closest thing I have found to compare to DNA. The push is there, the members and coaches are personable and welcoming. I feel like I can grow there for sure... but.... #1. It is VERY expensive. I am paying what DNA charges for unlimited gym access, but I can only attend 3-4 classes a week for the same price. #2. Stretching (which is SO very important) is really an on your own thing post WOD. I loved how DNA incorporates that into the hour work out to keep everyone accountable for preventing injury and maintaining healthy mobility. 


My purpose in writing this is not to bash other gyms. But simply to encourage you guys to not take for granted what Dani and Adam offer you at DNA. I can tell you they put their hearts into you guys. When they are hiring for coaches, they are extremely selective to make sure you get the best coaching in their absence. Both coach Alex and Dani (new one) have been just as intentional as the owners. They are all so knowledgeable, trustworthy, observant, and they CARE about your progress. They all want to see you guys grow and develop a sense of achievement. Guys, that is a blessing! This is not just a money making business- it the DNA fam! They get so much more out of your participation and growth than a paycheck. 


So, make today the day you decide you are going to go a step further with your health! Utilize the resources you have to grow, push yourselves, and achieve more and more! You have 4 coaches who you can trust, and a unique family of members who are encouraging and encouraged to see each other climb higher. Be motivated, and be someone’s motivation! Ambition is contagious! 


Summer - Member Since 2017


I was so unhappy with myself when I first stumbled across DNA fitness. I knew something had to change. 

DNA has genuinely changed my life. Without the people and the constant support, it would not have been possible. So many times I have  tried to join a gym on my own, and every single one of those times I failed. 

The physical changes I have seen are awesome, but most importantly my mind set has shifted. I’ve realized it is possible to achieve my goals when the work is put in. It is possible to stick with something and make this a lifestyle and not just a quick fix. I’ve learned it is okay to have a bad day, as long as you get back up. That is what my coaches and teammates at this gym do for me. Encourage and support. Waking up every day and having the ability to workout is a blessing in itself. I am forever grateful for the fellowship I have experienced and all the memories we have made and will continue to make. Excited to reach new goals in 2019! 

Taylor Trezona

Manny came in to DNA Fitness a bit skeptical. He was overweight and knew he needed the help but wasn't sure if DNA Fitness was going to be the answer. Fast forward 5 1/2 months and he is down 76 pounds! That is what happens when you have determination, grit, and perseverance. We are so proud of Manny and all of his accomplishments!

Manny Valdes

I was a 38 year old mother of two when I first started at DNA Fitness. I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt, overweight and tired. I had terrible eating habits and was hardly active. My goal was to get back into shape and to increase my energy.  I hadn’t really worked out other than some workout dvds. I fought through some tough days in the beginning when my body wanted to quit. There were some imbalances in my out of shape body that I had to work to correct. Coaches Adam and Dani taught me how to stretch and strengthen my weaknesses and taught me how to modify all the movements that I wasn’t ready for. I quickly began to see changes as I attended classes Monday - Friday.  The change that I was seeing motivated me to make changes in my eating habits. I was constantly encouraged by my coaches and I was educated by them as to how to eat for the goal that I was trying to obtain. I saw myself improving and growing stronger week by week! I had decided, I would follow all of the instructions by my coaches and I loved the results I was seeing! 

DNA Fitness has become so much more than just my workout. I have a fit fam. I've made friends that support me, cheer for me and hold me accountable, and I do the same for them. I am not on this journey alone. And that is my favorite part; the friends that I have made at DNA Fitness, we are on this journey together. There's no better way to start every day! 

Laura Derrick

I started my Fitness journey at age 59 with Adam and Danielle at DNA Fitness. My first class I realized how out of shape I was. I decided I would give the program a shot and it changed my life completely. The effects were immediate as I began to restore my flexibility and mobility, and regenerated all of my tissues, muscles and circulation. I am now healthier at 61 years old than I have been in a very long time. I was able to get off of my blood pressure medication and all of my blood work is now in great condition. I lost 60 pounds and I have already competed in two competitions and do not plan to stop! The best part is that it how it positively changed my whole outlook on life and most definitely my future! 

Nathan Clark

Ok this is somewhat embarrassing footage and I am certainly not one for mirror selfies. But I have to give some major, major thanks to @dnafitnessnation for helping me make some big changes and motivating me to get back to the bod I've missed! We did a 6 week challenge at the gym and although I had some obstacles to hurdle past (9 of those days eating mostly rice and beans during my mission trip to the DR and a few weak moments here and there) I have never felt more motivated and given so much support to reach a fitness goal. DNA Fitness provides a family atmosphere, surrounds you with inspiration, confidence, and fuels you with ambition. The care taken by the coaches there is like none other. Friends, family, fitness... thank you so much DNA!

Summer Leigh

DNA Fitness has changed my life. You can't find coaches like Adam and Danielle anywhere else. They really have a true passion for helping people be their healthiest. They show you that you can push your self much further than you thought and that you CAN do it. Everyone in the @dnafitnessnation is a family. You meet people that you would think you have known forever. I have many more goals and I know I can do it with the support of everyone here! The hardest part is starting but once you take that step it just gets better! It's not just about loosing weight, it's about being the best YOU, you can be. Come be part of the family!

Danielle Center

I have countless reasons for loving DNA Fitness. When I first found DNA fitness I felt the friendly and welcoming environment from the start, and the feeling of safety their coaches gave throughout our workouts. In the time I’ve been part of the team I have gained friendships and a great place in our community to grow with. I love the motivation and support they give us along the way. After getting hurt from deadlifting in the beginning of last year, I thought I wouldn’t be able to work out, but I’m so glad I found DNA Fitness, this is a place where I am able to get better and push my boundaries in a safe and positive way. It’s a place where we can leave everything outside and become one trying to get through the WOD. My favorite thing about this gym is that there are no levels of superiority, no matter our levels of experience, they find a way of making us all friends. Their dedication and support continue to inspire me daily. - 


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